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Beauty & Hygiene

I’m Looking for Products That Can Help Me With:

Weight Management


Energy and Fitness

Full Body Nutrition

Kits and Packs

Revolutionary Products

We stay on top of the latest health & wellness trends, and we continue to innovate opportunities to bring new products to the marketplace. We take pride in creating products made with the highest quality ingredients available.

Ability to Change Lives

Our products make our customers feel healthier and more confident about their health and wellness. Each has plenty of benefits with the added bonus of being delicious and enjoyable to take. At the start and end of each day, it’s all about helping people make Total Life Change.


Supporting Community

At TLC, we are a family. We live our core values of loving each other period. We actively support each other through daily live broadcasts, weekly training sessions, monthly tour events, and we are always just a phone call away with our 24-hour customer support.

Amazing Business Opportunity

Our Life Changers get excited about the benefits of being with the TLC family. From a hybrid binary compensation plan with unique bonus incentives to exclusive retail opportunities or daily pay, TLC rewards the success of our Life Changers in many ways.

Our Core Values

What Drives Us

To support our purpose of providing products and a community that you’ll feel, we operate by seven core values. These core values are reinforced, protected and celebrated in everything that TLC does. We realize that operating under the umbrella of our values has made us successful so far, and by continuing to operate under them keep us on the path of continual growth into the future.

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About Us What is Total Life Changes.png

Total Life Changes Business Opportunity

Total Life Changes Compensation Plan


You have 5 Different Ways to Earn Income after Joining TLC

  • Up to 50% Retail Customer Profits

  • 50% Fast-Start Bonus

  • 10 to 25% Binary Pay

  • Up to 50% Matching Bonus

  • $1,500 Lifestyle Bonus

Life Changer Benefits

  • Personal retail site for your customers

  • Personal enrollment site for your new Life Changer prospects

  • Access to the Life Changer Portal to view your business and team statistics

  • The Ability to earn part time, full time or extra income

  • Access to the exciting and powerful Total Life Changes 5 in 5 App.

    • Easily share and send samples, follow up with your “sample” customers, set reminders, share product videos, customer testimonies, and more

  • Helping others to ‘FEEL IT’ and inspiring them to make a Total Life Change

Becoming A Life Changer


Earn your initial investment back in 30 days or less by obtaining just 5 customers with the G5 Challenge.


As your business is flourishing and your team has grown, you can earn this monthly “Life Changer Bonus” of $1,500.

Get Rewarded For Selling Product

We love to celebrate our Representatives for promoting a healthy lifestyle as they provide our life changing products to their customers. So what better way to reward efforts than a trip to a resort. Every year we award our top 50 retailers with all-inclusive resort.

Join Our Family Today, We’ve Been Expecting You!

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"We provide products and a community that you'll feel."